At The Sette, each product has been carefully chosen to embody our values. All our producers are based in Europe, in regions with a long-standing heritage of tableware production. Items are either hand-made by highly-skilled craftspeople, employing traditional techniques, or made in small batches by family-owned manufacturers.

  • Linens are made in Tuscany, Italy by a third-generation, family-owned textile mill

  • Crockery is made in Apulia,
    Italy and Limoges and Burgundy, France, in regions that have been ceramic- and porcelain-making hubs for centuries. Items are either hand-made by small artisan workshops, or produced in small-batches by selected manufacturers

  • Glassware is hand-blown in Germany and Poland by small artisan workshops

  • Cutlery is hand-assembled in Paris and Thiers, France by family-owned manufactures, employing traditional techniques

  • Embroidery is made-to-order in the UK


The Sette products are timeless and versatile, suitable for everyone and made to stand the test of time. Thanks to their effortless coordination and stylish design, they make achieving an elegant table setting simple.

At The Sette, we encourage our customers to buy better, and keep for longer. Going beyond trends, our products can be used repeatedly to enhance various celebrations and elevate everyday dining experiences.


We work with partners that care about the environment as much as we do.

  • Our table linens are OEKO-TEX certified, ensuring no harmful chemicals are used throughout the entire process, from thread to fabric. Our suppliers are REACH certified, ensuring a higher level of protection for human health and the environment, and GOTS Prints certified, ensuring that a product contains at least 70% natural fibres from organic agriculture and guarantees that a textile product has been made with environmentally-friendly processes and in socially responsible working conditions.

  • Our suppliers use linen of European Union origin only. Linen is one of the most sustainable materials to create textiles, as it does not require water for irrigation or fertiliser. Linen products are also biodegradable.

  • The cotton used in our products comes from Egypt and the United States, by suppliers who monitor quality and compliance with socially responsible working conditions.

  • We are in the process of changing our table linens’ packaging. Soon, all our table linen deliveries will come in fabric bags, which can be used as gift wrapping, to store products after use, or can be otherwise repurposed.

  • Porcelain products are made entirely from natural, non harmful materials in small batches and by suppliers who endeavour to minimise their CO2 emissions by  employing renewable energy sources wherever possible.

  • Porcelain products from Royal Limoges have EPV certification (Living Heritage Company), rewarding the company for the excellence of their traditional skills.


At The Sette, we believe memories are created around the table. Our products are meant to be used and enjoyed, not merely admired.

For this reason, ease of care is central to our offering; we have created a Care Guide for our linens, to help you look after your tablecloths and use them for years to come.

We also believe it’s important to embrace life’s little messiness. A few stains will not ruin your table setting: they will show a time well spent.