Holly Chapman Reveals her Pet Peeves

As the head of PR and communications at bespoke stationer Papier, Holly Chapman has her hands full...

Written by The Sette October 1, 2020

…every day, she’s researching new partners (recent collaborators include Matilda Goad and Henry Holland) and organising events (a summertime dinner on a canal boat last year was a particular highlight). It’s no surprise that Holly herself has an eye for design, with fabulous flower arrangements and homemade treats adding the finishing touch to her own dinner parties, which often include donations to her favourite charities, Women for Women International or Mothers to Mothers. We’ve only got one question: when can we come over?  

Game, sette, match… what game really gets a dinner party started?

I never get too choose a game because my friend Josh always makes us play Kings Cup – it feels slightly like a return to our university days but we always indulge him because he brings cards to every supper club and we feel too mean saying no.

Heart sette on… what are you really longing for, no matter how big or small?

A School Shirt from La Veste

Sette in my ways… what’s your worst habit?

Shopping – it’s a terrible habit and I have to go cold turkey every few months for my bank balance to recover.

Sunrise or sunsette… which is your favourite time of day?

Sunrise – breakfast is my favourite meal.

Ready, sette, go… what have you wanted to do for a while now?

I’ve wanted to knit a sweater vest for a while.

Sette the record straight… what’s something people might not know about you?

I don’t like chocolate.

Sette teeth on edge… what really annoys you?

When a restaurant only has Pepsi instead of Coca-Cola.

Sette an example… what do you think would make the world a better place?

When you next host a supper or dinner party why not ask everyone to bring something homemade and donate the money you all saved on eating to a women’s charity like Women for Women International or Mothers to Mothers – addressing inequity is something I think is really important.

Sette the scene… what’s your idea of a dream home, or the perfect gathering?

My perfect day would be a brunch with my closest friends sat outside in the sunshine with jugs of orange juice, pastries from Pophams, bowls of steaming scrambled eggs and perfectly ripe avocado.

My dream table would include a centrepiece created with the amazing Fern Fans. I used to work for dutch start-up called Bloomon and I ended up designing and building lots of big scale flower installations and flower walls, so big blousy blooms like hydrangeas would heavily feature on my table.

Jet-sette…. where’s your favourite holiday spot and why?

I spent three weeks travelling in the north of India last year. It’s a riot of sounds, scents and colours. We travelled from terracotta pink Jaipur through the countryside, to Jodhpur ‘the blue city’ and discovered markets filled with intensely hued orange marigolds and Palaces that glistened and gleamed. It’s not the place for a relaxing holiday but it is life changing and the food is some of the best I’ve ever eaten.

DJ sette… what are the top five songs on your playlist right now?

Salted Caramel Ice Cream by Metronomy –
Cola by Arlo Parks –
In a dream by Troye Sivan –
Barcelona by The Big Moon –
Live Like We’re Dancing by Mura Masa & Georgia