A drink with Melanie Masarin, founder of Ghia

The mastermind behind everyone’s favourite aperitif talks us through her perfect dinner party

Written by The Sette October 19, 2020

Allow us to introduce you to your new favourite evening tipple: Ghia, a swish non-alcoholic aperitif, is already all over the hippest Instagram feeds. Founder Melanie Masarin has worked everywhere from Goldman Sachs to Glossier; now, she’s bringing her impressive work ethic to the world of food and drink. If it weren’t for the pandemic, Melanie would be busy planning a huge dinner party for everyone she knows, with a table so long you can’t see the end. The guests would pick the playlist and, with Ghia on the menu, there’d be no hangovers the next day. Sounds like our idea of a perfect evening…

Game, sette, match… what game really gets a dinner party started?

It’s not quite a game, but I love to have my guests pick the records for the night. It’s no fun if I’m controlling the menu and the music – this adds a little fun for everyone.

Heart sette on… what are you really longing for, no matter how big or small?

To dance in a crowd at a show again! 

Sette in my ways… what’s your worst habit?

I overthink everything…

Sunrise or sunsette… which is your favourite time of day?

I try to watch the sunrise from my bed to start each day in LA, if the fog covers the view I’ll just tuck right back in.

Ready, sette, go… what have you wanted to do for a while now?

I want to go to Mexico City, and this quarantine / working remote situation might be the perfect opportunity…

Sette teeth on edge… what really annoys you?

Lack of communication.

Sette an example… what do you think would make the world a better place?

Not using single use plastic, recycling everything, and even composting – it would make a huge difference if everyone did these few things.

Sette the scene… what’s your idea of a dream home, or the perfect gathering?

These days, I’m dreaming of hosting a dinner party for everyone I know and their friends with a table so long you can’t see the end.

Jet-sette…. where’s your favourite holiday spot and why?

The Coast of Italy, forever and ever. I want to discover so many new places but the Mediterranean is the place I come back to over and over again. Few places are more joyful in their decor, people, and food.

DJ sette… what are the top five songs on your playlist right now?

Tropicana Fruit Juice – Ycee & Bella Alubo, for anytime I need a mood boost

Rose In Harlem – Teyana Taylor

Dumb Love – Neil Frances

You’re Too Precious – James Blake

Could Heaven Ever Be Like This – Idris Muhammad