Five minutes with Maria de la Orden

The fashion designer and Instagram tastemaker lets us in on her business and entertaining secrets.

Written by Clara Strunck December 31, 2021

For stylish women in the know, Maria de la Orden needs no introduction: founder of her own eponymous fashion brand (and co-founder of cult Insta-label, La Veste) Maria has been designing clothes since she was 19. From ruffled dresses to oversized collars and smocked shirts, her pieces are synonymous with summer and celebration. When she’s not at her desk coming up with ingenious ideas, Maria loves to host friends for dinner, preferring to keep things simple (yet luxurious) with a good bottle of wine and smoked salmon blinis. Here, she lets us in on her secrets to entertaining, what’s on her wishlist and the best advice she’s ever been given.

​​What’s the most used object in your kitchen?

The toaster or the coffee machine.

Is there one cookbook you think everyone should own?

I love the ‘Miss Maggie’s Kitchen’ cookbooks – her recipes are great!

What can we always find in your fridge?

Avocados, tomatoes, greek yoghurt and parmesan.

Tell us about your most memorable meal…

I have more than one in mind, but I particularly love Omakase (which roughly translates as Japanese sharing plates). My favourite is at Komatsubaki on the Rue d’Artois in Paris.

What is no celebration complete without?

A good bottle of wine.

What are you making for dinner tonight?

Tonight I am hosting a big, festive dinner, so there will be plenty of indulgent things on the menu: seafood, salmon, blinis, foie gras…

I do what I do because…

It’s my passion.

My most valued quality in others is…


When I sit down at my desk, the first thing I do is…

Make a to-do list. It helps me organize my day that little bit better.

What’s the one thing you’ll never order?

Pot-au-feu, a kind of French beef stew. Not for me!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Dark chocolate.

What would your perfect Sette-Up include?

I love this red striped tablecloth that would be wonderful on a holiday table, with white or blue plates. I’d also add the vegetable cutlery rests, which would really cheer up any party!

Ready, Sette, Go: Our Quickfire Questions

Jet-sette… what’s your favourite holiday spot?

The Amalfi coast is one of my favourites.

Sette the record straight… what’s something people might not know about you?

I am very shy.

Sunrise or sunsette… what’s your favourite time of day?

Sunrise always!

Heart sette on… what’s on your wishlist?

An analog camera.

Sette store by… what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Nothing is acquired forever.

Sette your mind to… what’s something you’d like to achieve in the next ten years?

Developing my brands.