Cloe Bueso

Meet Cloe Bueso, one half of The Sette

Honduras-born Cloe talks us through her favourite dinner party games and passion for plants

Written by The Sette October 24, 2020

Cloe Bueso – no ‘H’ – is one half of the duo behind The Sette. Originally from Honduras, she’s a self-proclaimed citizen of the world who loves nothing more than a great sunset shared with loved ones. When she’s not travelling, Cloe can be found cooking up treats in her kitchen, looking after her many plants or slipping into her enviable collection of high heels. If you’re invited round for dinner, watch out: Cloe is famously competitive and will challenge you to UNO, Monopoly or Cranium – once she’s beaten you at Mario Kart, of course.

Game, sette, match… what game really gets a dinner party started?

UNO! Or any card/board game really. My favourites are definitely Monopoly, Rummikub, Sequence and Cranium. I can’t forget my video games though, Mario Kart and Mario Party are my go to. Can you tell I’m a tad competitive?

Heart sette on… what are you really longing for, no matter how big or small?

Plants. I love everything green and have my flat filled with them. Even if I’m not the best plant mama, they always make me happy.

Sette in my ways… what’s your worst habit?

Lack of sleep. Against my better judgement, I always go to bed much later than I would like. 

Sunrise or sunsette… which is your favourite time of day?

BOTH. There’s nothing better than a beautiful sunset or sunrise, and it’s extra special if shared with loved ones. My favourites are those in Honduras – my parent’s house has the best view for sunrises. 

Sunrise over San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Ready, sette, go… what have you wanted to do for a while now?

Get a dog. Im SO tempted but I think my flat is a slightly too small. Playing with my friends dogs will have to do for now.

Sette the record straight… what’s something people might not know about you?

I can be a bit of tomboy. I love everything sports and games. However, I also love dressing up and I have a bit of a shoe addiction (high heels especially).

Sette teeth on edge… what really annoys you?

Rude people.

Sette an example… what do you think would make the world a better place?

Kindness and understanding. I think empathy goes a really long way and if we practiced it more, the world would be a better place.

Sette the scene… what’s your idea of a dream home, or the perfect gathering?

Anywhere that is surrounded by greenery and located in a place that has all four seasons. My perfect gathering would be surrounded by close friends and family around the dinner table with lots of wine.

Jet-sette…. where’s your favourite holiday spot and why?

I am completely in love with San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. I’m lucky enough to have been twice and can’t recommend it more. It has beautiful scenery, amazing food and so much to offer culturally.

I also can’t forget my motherland, Honduras. Roatan and Cayos Cochinos are the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to. I feel so blessed to have grown up going there every year as a child.

Roatan, Honduras
DJ sette… what are the top five songs on your playlist right now?

Vivir la Vida – Marc Anthony

Nuvole Bianche – Ludovico Einaudi

You’re Welcome – Moana Soundtrack

Robarte un Beso – Carlos Vives

Cant Hold Us- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis