Shop The Sette with Tatiana Alida

The artist and illustrator curates her own edit of our pieces, available to purchase now

Written by Clara Strunck January 21, 2022

For artist and illustrator Tatiana Alida, good taste is practically second nature. Her bright, Matisse-inspired designs have caught the eye of everyone from Victoria Beckham to TART London, leading to collaborations with names such as Liberty, Soho Home and Matilda Goad. Recently, she has expanded into homeware, with a range of ceramics and lampshades in her signature style. ‘When it comes to interiors, I’m drawn to those that make me feel something,’ she says. ‘I love things that make me want to look after them, and take pride in them – and I adore anything slightly wonky or uneven.’

Tatiana takes a similarly careful approach to aesthetics when she’s entertaining. ‘It’s always fun to have your close friends over or have a big personality around the table to make everyone laugh, but really I love entertaining people who appreciate the table laying,’ she says. ‘I can talk interiors and homeware until the cows come home! I think sometimes people get a tad intimidated by the effort I put into it all, but really, it’s just because the setting up is sometimes my most favourite part!’

It’s no surprise, then, that Tatiana has fallen in love with The Sette’s collection. ‘I love how The Sette have curated pieces that really suite such a range of personal styles, from the minimalist to the maximalist,’ she says. Here, she’s chosen her favourite designs to create her very own curated edit – available for you to shop now.

I collect glass, and think these might be the perfect champagne saucers – they have a lovely vintage feel to them, which is incredibly glamorous. I prefer saucers to flutes as they make the champagne last a little longer – you have to keep topping up your glass!

I’ve chosen these napkins as I like the gingham print and think they would be incredibly versatile. People often see gingham as giving real summer picnic vibes, but if you were to add a sprig of thyme and a slice of dried orange, and tie these to the napkin with some natural string, it would be a lovely way to decorate a table for more of a winter garden look.

Funnily enough I went to visit my friend Sofia’s new home last week and she has these. I was so drawn to them as I love the tiny, dainty handles, which are a slight but obvious contrast to the size of the cup. It makes me think of the work of Fernando Botero, an artist I love.

I was drawn to this gorgeous cutlery set, as I am at that wonderful age now where I think it’s probably time to get rid of the metal picnic set of cutlery I purchased at a pound shop in my uni days! These are the perfect upgrade to see me through the next few years. 

Call me basic, but I’m the kind of girl who has lemon and warm water every morning – so I know there’s nothing more annoying than getting a lemon pip stuck in my (even more basic!) glass straw. Using one of these would make my mornings go just that little bit smoother. It’s also a great gift for someone who has everything…