Meet Bunny Turner and Emma Pocock, the design duo ready to take over your kitchen

The founders of London-based interior design agency Turner Pocock have collaborated on a range of tablecloths with The Sette (and you’ll want to add them to your basket – pronto)

Written by Clara Strunck November 15, 2021

Bunny Turner and Emma Pocock are extremely busy. On top of helming their London-based interior design agency, founding a charity and designing an exclusive collection with The Sette, they’re moving office the day after our interview. ‘We thought, at least it’s not a video call!’ laughs Emma when we speak on the phone, referring to the stacks of boxes. ‘But in some ways, moving office is quite cathartic. You get to chuck away a lot.’

Turner Pocock x The Sette Red Stripe Tablecloth

The move heralds a fresh new era for Turner Pocock, the company founded by Emma and Bunny in 2007, which now boasts an international portfolio of both residential and commercial projects, plus an office in Switzerland. The pair have also recently started a charity, TP Caring Spaces, which focuses on redesigning rooms in charitable institutions such as Mencap and Guys & St Thomas’ Hospital for the benefit of carers, patients and families. ‘It makes us feel like we’re giving back a bit,’ explains Emma.

Turner Pocock have received significant recognition from the design world, and have won a slew of prizes. ‘Emma and I had been friends for a while, and we started the business at her kitchen table,’ says Bunny. ‘Emma has a more conventional interiors background – she trained at KLC and worked for well-known designers – while I went to work for a developer and learnt my trade there. Our backgrounds are different: mine is more building-centric while Emma’s is softer, so the coming together of our experiences has been a really good thing.’

Despite their differences, the pair are united in a common goal to design comfortable, inviting environments that work for the everyday. ‘Our whole ethos is about bringing joy,’ explains Emma. ‘It’s not about creating austere spaces, it’s about creating places where people can live and have fun.’

It’s why they’re particularly excited about their exclusive collaboration with The Sette on a range of tablecloths and napkins, which will, as Bunny puts it, ‘elevate a kitchen supper into something more thoughtful’.

The two designs – one a bold red stripe, the other patterned with whimsical, blue spots – are representative of Turner Pocock’s relaxed approach to interiors. ‘Emma and I are insatiable creatives and we’ve always wanted to do tablecloths,’ says Bunny. ‘We’ve believed in the transformative effect of them for a long time.’

Emma agrees that a tablecloth is a brilliant, easy fix for overhauling a kitchen or dining room. ‘By changing the tablecloth, you completely change the feel of the room,’ she says. ‘A girl we work with recently explained to us the definition of the word ‘festive’: it means to produce happy and enjoyable feelings suitable for a feast or special occasion. And we thought, bingo! That’s really what we’re trying to achieve – creating festive feelings, I suppose.’

And so, the collaboration was a brilliant fit, explains Bunny. ‘We love The Sette’s ethos and aesthetic, so it was a perfect match. Sad tables can be transformed into a joyful thing with fabric on top, and we thought it would be fun to try our hand at our own designs.’

Emma is most excited about ‘laying up the blue spots. They weren’t my favourite at the beginning, but they’ll look so striking on a table.’ For Bunny, meanwhile, it’s all about the effects on entertaining: ‘A good tablecloth makes your guests feel at ease and comfortable, but also like you’ve made a bit of an effort for them.’

Turner Pocock x The Sette Blue Dots Tablecloth

So for any celebration you hold this autumn, get the base right first – and invest in one of Turner Pocock’s signature designs, available to shop on The Sette now.